Perfect Astrological Combinations To Check Career In Acting:

Hi, Friends, today is the time where everyone has become so much fitness and looks conscious that you all youngsters are ready to spend good money, time, and energy in your looks and once you are successful in getting a good portfolio, your next target is to enter the Entertainment Industry. Today this Industry has so many options like acting and modeling on television, Film Industry, and then today so many short films are being produced. So in this blog, I will explain how to check Acting career in your Horoscope.

Let’s decode the career Acting, we will first understand what is actually required for this career as which houses play a significant role and why. So what does an actor actually do? An actor follows the script, written by a writer, then he acts as per the role, so puts his own emotions to get into the character, and he is given direction for this. All this is captured in recording camera. Once the movie is ready, it comes either on the big screen or small screen. The most important houses in Acting career are the 1st house, 2nd house, 3rd house,4th house, 5th house,7th house, 10th house, 11th house, and 12th house.

House 1: This is the house which tells about your appearance, facial features, your body structure and your overall personality which is extremely important especially for girls to make a mark. Also, 1st house tells about the heights in career, name, and fame which is again very important.

House 2: This house represents our speech, dialogue delivery, our support system, net income storage. The facial part is the 2nd house, like eyes, tongue, and teeth. So for an Actor voice plays a significant role and if the person is into singing or anchoring then also 2nd house should be considered.

House 3: This house represents our communication skills, hard work, courage, and media. Today media and journalism have become very important, as through this channel the talent of an Actor is shown to common man through newspaper, magazines, and advertisements. Today social media like FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and Twitter has a huge impact on common man. So if the 3rd house and its lord is making Rajyogas then the person will definitely get the opportunity.

House 4: This house represents masses for actors. So if 4th lord is well placed then through acting he will reach masses, and once masses accept the actor and his skills, then surely acting career can be hit.

House 5: This house represents creativity, entertainment, theatre, fun, music, sports, games, drama, Romance, love, and all your creative skills.

House 7: This house represents the partnership, business, your image on others, so if this house is weak then less successful. Your acting and glamour impact on others.

House 10: This house represents your workplace, control over people, royalty, authority, power positions, reach common man, and deal with masses.

House 11: This is the house which represents the fulfillment of Desires, Gains, Friends, relatives, mass communication, and network circle which is very important in this field.

House 12: This is the house of hidden talent, your imagination, self~ employment, expenses, and bed comfort, for actors, it is very important as they have to do intimate scenes if their script demands for this.

Planets Responsible For Acting:

Venus: Venus is the 2nd lord and 7th lord of the natural zodiac, so all the features of the 2nd house and the 7th house can be found. Venus is creativity, art, passion, romance, Dance, music, cinema, entertainment, glamour, and stage performance. So if a person has interest in acting, Venus in the chart should be well placed or make good combinations with the 5th house, 5th lord, 10th house,10th lord, and 11th house, 11th lord. Venus is the planet which gives fame and keeps you in limelight.

Moon: Moon represents our emotions and it is connected with mother s care, nourishment, they understand others through intuition, and it also gives the power of imagination. Rohini is the nakshatra of Moon and this also plays a significant role as it represents photography and glamour. So if Moon is connected with the 1st house, 2nd house, and 6th house then there are good chances of becoming an artist.

Saturn: Saturn plays the most important role in the Horoscope while analyzing the acting career.So if Saturn has any connection with the 4th house, 7th house, and 11th house in the D-1 chart then that person will surely stay in Limelight for long.Saturn makes the person disciplined and hard working.

Things To Remember:

  • The most important house is the 12th house so if the 12th house has any connection with 4th house through [PAC] it means intimate relations in front of masses which is part of their profession.
  • Then comes the 3rd house which signifies communication skills
  • The relationship between 1st house, 2nd house, and 10th house.
  • The relationship between 1st house, 2nd house, and 6th house.
  • The relationship between 1st house, and 12th house.
  • Moon should be related to 1st house, 2nd house, 6th house, and 10th house.
  • The relationship between 1st house,3rd house.
  • The relationship between 3rd house, and 10th house.
  • The relationship between 3rd house, and 11th house.
  • Saturn should be related to the Lagna or the Lagna Lord.
  • The Dasha at the time of acting career should be related to the 5th house or Venus.

Let us understand the above combinations with the help of an example:

This is the Horoscope of Mr Amitabh Bachan

  • The Lagna Lord in 4th house and 12th lord in 4th house.
  • The 2nd lord Jupiter aspects 10th house.
  • The 3rd lord Mars aspects 11th house, 2nd house, and 3rd house.
  • Rahu aspects 3rd house of communication which gave him a marvelous voice.
  • Saturn aspects Lagna, 6th house, and 10th house. This made him very dedicated in his profession and he has been in limelight for the past three decades.
  • Moon aspects 3rd house of communication and this made his speech emotional and it actually touched millions of hearts.

So friends, this way we can easily check the combinations of the career in acting. It is not necessary that you need to have all the combinations but the more you have better will be the chances of success.

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