Who is Rahu in Astrology?

Hey friends, so in this post, I will explain the planet Rahu. Well, I have seen everyone gets scared when they hear the statement Rahu is active and troubling. Yes, that’s correct Rahu actually troubles if not in control. Rahu actually works at two levels the higher level and the lower level. So how to find out that Rahu will give amazing results or give us a miserable time. So, first of all, we need to understand what is Rahu?Since it does not have its own Rashi in the Zodiac, it does not have a physical body. it’s the North node of Moon, it’s the dragon’s head, and only a shadow. We all know the mythological story of Samudra Manthan when the Demon Swarbhanu changed its look to take the Nectar, and then his head was cut. So the head became Rahu and tail became Ketu. Since Rahu does not have a physical body so it has no Rashi of its own. It actually behaves like the planet it is posited with or the Rashi lord and nakshatra lord.

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