Best Astrological Technique to find out Education Status.

Hey friends, are you worried about your education? Do you have any confusion about what subject is good for you? Are you worried about your grades? Well, I have some simple combinations to check in a chart and you can easily know your education status. To check education in a Horoscope check the following houses;

  • 2nd house
  • 4th house
  • 5th house
  • 8th house
  • 9th house
  • 11th house
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7 Astrological Steps To Find Favorable Career

Hey, friends so are you all confused which career to opt for? No worries. Astrology here can really help you and I will give such easy points to check in a Horoscope so that you can get a glimpse of your career. Today is the era where we have so much choice of career options that we just need to have little awareness of our interests and we are good to pursue.

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Is It Necessary To Match Horoscopes?

FRIENDS, if you are into a relationship and a curiosity to know whether you really have good relationship compatibility. Have you selected the right partner? Today you share a beautiful bond but what about tomorrow? So no worries! I will tell such an easy technique to check your horoscope that it will help you in making a decision in the initial stage only. So once you have checked through horoscopes the important combinations for relationship compatibility then you can proceed but before marriage, it is highly recommended  to get it matched through a professional astrologer and for that, you can go to consulting page

I would like to suggest you that please do not believe the software match~ making which is popular as Ashtkoot Milan, it gives the score out of 36. So out of 36 guns, If you are getting up to 20, you think all is good but this is UNTRUE. Ashtkoot Milan has a very small role to play in match~ making.

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My Dreams of Love Marriage, will it come true?

Will I have a Love marriage? So this is the question every young guy or girl has in his mind so its quite natural that they approach astrologers for this query. There are certain planets in our horoscope which play a significant role in love affairs and then converting the love affair into marriage. So we need to check the following positions in a chart.

Important Signs:

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Will I Have A Successful Marriage?

Will I get married? When is my marriage? How will be my partner? Will I have a love marriage or an arranged? Will my marriage be successful? Can I go for live- in relation? So the questions go on and on. Well, marriage is my favorite subject so I can answer all sort of queries that can come in today’s generation mind. I will tell simple techniques and all you guys can easily check your charts and get your secret answer.

Promise of your marriage

In order to check whether there is marriage promised or not in your horoscope just check the following positions:

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Can Humans Be Influenced by the Powerful Nine Planets?

In Astrology there are nine planets which play a significant role in our lives, they are as follows:

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mars
  4. Mercury
  5. Jupiter
  6. Venus
  7. Saturn
  8. Rahu
  9. Ketu

So basically in a Horoscope, there are Nine planets, Twelve Houses, Twelve Signs, and Twenty Seven Nakshatras. So it means that if you understand the basic features of all these important characters you can easily read your horoscope. So let’s understand what are these planets.

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Is Astrology Really A Science

Astrology is a divine science which enables us to see the future and this can be seen with the help of Horoscope. The horoscope depicts a picture of the results of the Karmas done by a person in his past births known as Sanchit Karmas which is also known as Bhagya

Bhagya is made up of accumulated balance of our Karmas Phala available in the present birth out of the Sanchit Karmas So whenever a person does a Karma, he will have to face the fruit or consequences of his Karmas.

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Does Astrology really works?

.The Question of today ‘s generation is that is it really possible that in this era when man has reached heights in science and technology and a group of people claiming themselves to be Astrologers, they will decide what is good for them when will they get married and what profession should they choose and when is the favorable time for them. Seriously?

So lets understand what is Astrology?

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