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Create a Sacred Space with Vastu Shastra Principles

The real purpose of Vastu is to study a building, if it’s suitable for a particular cause or not. If the use of the space is in harmony with the Vastu principles then you are able to attain joy which is the only desire you are living for. The main purpose of Vastu is to remove blockages from your mind as well as your building. The truth is that the buildings can be programmed for the manifestation of desires as these spaces affect our subconscious mind. In fact, your subconscious mind picks up information from your working space.

• On - Site Vastu Consultation. • Off - Site Vastu Consultation. • Get Vastu Consultation through Report Only.

Our Process

Create a Conscious Home & Business.
Heal your Space with Vastu, the Yoga of Design.
Increase Prosperity, Well Being and Health.
Raise your Vibration with Sacred Space Design.


Book Vastu Consultation

Share the site plan in this form with correct dimensions and the directions of your house or Office.


Choose the Consultation

  • On – Site 
  • Off – Site
  • For Onsite or Off site Consultations schedule an appointment with me, to discuss the details of the site and your Life concerns or Goals.

Share Your Life Concern

Share your Life Goals in detail and the problems, that are hindering you to move ahead.  


Detailed Solutions

At the end of the process, I will share a detailed Vastu Report with simple suggestions and very easy to implement remedies. This will remove the Vastu Dosha from your Space.

Vastu enables the human mind to realize it's fullest potential and create a better world.

Book Consultation to Remove Vastu Dosha

Let's discuss your problems, goals and details of your space. 1. On - Site Vastu Consultations 2. Off - Site Vastu Consultations

On-Site Vastu Consultations

  • Fill this form and share the house or office plan in this.(Auto Cad File Only) You can share PDF for quotation.
  • Connect through WhatsApp no 91 9289329933 and get the quotation for the Vastu Project.
  • On complete payment a time will be fixed for our On-Site Visit.
  • On project completion a comprehensive Vastu Evaluation Report will be shared.
  • Easy and practical solutions are given like the use of colours either with paint or metal strips, paintings, upholstery and home decors etc. 
  • The first level includes balancing the five elements and removing major Vastu Dosha.
  • The second level includes the installation of Devta energy fields and suggestions considering Astro Vastu. 

Off-site Vastu Consultations

For projects out of the city or country a house map is required, considering which a quotation will be shared. 

  • Fill this form and add your floor plan in the form marked with N-S-E-W directions.
  • Indicate Entrance door, furniture placement, Toilet, open areas, Kitchen, and Temple.
  • Online Vastu Project is taken only after full Consultation Fees. Then a complete analysis of the house will be done through a video tour. 
  • Finally Assessment and Suggestions will be given as a written report.

Health Horoscope with Vastu suggestions (Report Only via Email)

For health concerns, horoscope will be analysed and you will get a written report only via email

Price – INR 5000.

  • This will include balancing the five elements and removing major Vastu Dosha that is causing health problems.
  • Fill this form and Share the house map, with all the directions marked.
  • Specify health problems.
  • The Vastu Dosha in your house will be marked and the suggestions will be shared through written report
  • If you don’t have a house map, only the horoscope details can considered to mark the dosha.

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