Horoscope Analysis and Solutions For

Real Estate/ Residential/ Commercial Property


How Astrological Guidance can be Helpful in Property Purchase Decisions:

  • Before making huge investments, it’s very important to have complete information about the ongoing period of your life. So it’s better to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the planets before investing in Property or fixed Assets.
  • I have been practicing Astrology professionally for 10 plus years. I have studied Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology, and Vastu Shastra. So with the help of my research and experience. I guide my clients about the favourable timeline to sell and purchase property. 
  • I give Complete Guidance if there is any confusion, related to the entrance direction which is the most important factor to be considered before any property selection.
  • I use the most effective tool of Vedic Knowledge – Vastu Shastra in this session.
  • Basic Remedies will be given to remove element imbalance in home as per Vastu Shastra. This means Suggestions will be given only for bedroom and entrance direction as per the birth chart.
  • If you want detailed Vastu Guidance, then click here.

Ask Queries Related to Property like…

• When will I buy my own property?
• When will I get my ancestral property?
• Should I sell my property at this time? Will I get good amount of money?
• Is this the right time to invest in this particular property? Will it give long term term gains?
• Should I take a loan and purchase property and will I be able to pay off my loans?