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Why is Vastu Required

  • Life is a continuous celebration. If you are not able to celebrate Life, then there must be some obstruction or blockage in your mind, caused by space around you in which you live and work.
  • Every Space be it in a building or outside it has a specific purpose. And if due to some reason it cannot serve that purpose, we need to look for that reason.
  • The purpose of a space can be manifested only when it is free from imperfections and if our working space is in harmony with the Vastu principles, our work turns out to be perfect. The right thing at the right place gives the balance required for a positive and productive environment. Pain areas of life are a result of imbalances in respective directions caused by the placement of objects, appliances, and colours in inappropriate directions. 
  • The main purpose is to remove blockages from the building and then program it for the manifestation of desires because buildings affect our subconscious mind and our subconscious mind picks up information from our surrounding environment.

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My Consulting Stages :

I follow a systematic method to analyse the problem of my client which includes balancing of 5 elements and 16 directions in your house. The flow chart of my working is as follows

1. Understanding the problems of the client:

This is the first and very important stage of Vastu Analysis in which a detailed discussion is done with the client related to issues or goals of Life. At this point, the client or his family members should share all their concerns and discuss their future goals and about the obstacles being faced at a personal and professional level.

2. Architect Visit:

A Draftsman will visit your house, take measurements and then prepare an accurate map of your house and a bar chart, which is very important for Vastu Analysis

3. Vastu Visit:

An appointment will be fixed before this visit and I will visit your house to note down all the necessary details, pictures will be taken, which will include details of activities in every zone, interiors, and surroundings will be noted. A complete list will be prepared with all the object’s details.

4. Vastu Report :

A detailed report will be prepared after analysing the house map, bar graph, and considering all the activities and interiors The Vastu Report will specify Vastu dosha, the disturbed zones, problems being faced due to the energy blocked zones, and then best solutions and a method of its implementation.

5. Vastu Space Programming:

After balancing the house completely, with the colour and metal technique, your space will be programmed to get your desired goals. As space sends the message to our subconscious mind and then the energy flow gets a positive direction. Eg: A village scene to enhance your gains, Nandi Bull to improve skills, so according to the specific problem and future goals remedies are in fact created.

6. Vastu Devta Energy Mapping:

Devta Energy Mapping is the part of Advanced Vastu Solutions, so again Draftsman will prepare a map and mark all the Devta Energies. According to the concerned issues the energy enhancers will be suggested to enhance positive energy, and this energy will work positively and take you towards prosperity and excellence.

7. Astro Mapping:

Astro Mapping is also the part of Advanced Vastu Solutions, The Planet ruling your house will be analysed, the most significant zone which is most suitable will be told, for your best performance. Then your birth details will be taken and the Astrological Report will be prepared and remedies will be suggested as per Astro Vastu and Vedic Astrology.

Solutions Provided:

Are you facing any of the following problems?


  • Sleep Disorder
  • Digestion Issues
  • Joint Pains
  • Accidents
  • Depression
  • Lack of Strength and Confidence


  • No Job Opportunities
  • No Savings
  • No Growth
  • Cash flow problem
  • No Promotion


  • No warmth in relations
  • Delay in Marriage
  • Extramarital Affair
  • No Child Birth
  • No Peace and Harmony


  • Children have no interest in studies
  • In spite of hard work not getting good marks
  • Rejection from colleges
  • Not able to memorize
  • No clarity of the future.

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