Twelve Dynamic Houses in Astrology

In Astrology; there are Powerful Nine Planets, and Twelve Dynamic Houses which play a significant role in analyzing a Horoscope So every house signifies certain features.So, friends   I will tell you about each house in simplest form.

House 1; The first house represents the physical body, health, brain, mindset, thought process, personality, character, and general prosperity of a person.

House 2: The second house represents the food and eating habits, family values, savings, speech, primary education, net income, facial part, wealth, eyes, tongue, teeth, and how we express and communicate.

House 3:The third house represents our courage, siblings, writing skills, desire, passion, ambition, implementation of plans, neck, shoulders, arms, and your communication skills.

House 4: The fourth house represents happiness and comfort, mother, education, immovable property, education, peace of mind, and emotion, vehicles, fields, pastures, real estate, gardens, hereditary property, and treasures.

House 5: The fifth house represents intelligence, hobbies, creativity, child, love affair, courtships, licentiousness, knowledge, past life good deeds, memory, music, art and drama, pleasure, recreation, amusement, entertainment, shares, lottery, gambling, stock exchange, chanting of Vedic hymns, religious mindedness,chanting of mantras and spiritual practice.

House 6: The sixth house represents Disease, sickness, competition, employees, subordinates, or servants, debts, enmity, hygiene, sanitation, fighting spirit, accidents, and misfortunes.

House 7: The seventh house represents marriage, partnership, legal bondage, a house in the foreign country as it is 4th from 4th, international relationship, contracts, influence in foreign countries, honor, and reputation achieved there, fines and divorces.

House 8: The eighth house represents Longevity, occult, long termed illness, transformation, inheritance, legacies, wills, insurance, gratuity, drowning, fire, accident, or suicide, mystery, misery, misfortune, sudden ups and down, delay and dejection, disappointment and defeat, loss and obstructions, blame and ill-repute, danger from enemies, dowry, unearned wealth, surgeons, medical officers, financial relations with foreign countries, and corruption.

House 9:The ninth house represents higher education, father, guru, pilgrimage, long distance, faith, divine worship, philosophy, religious and philosophical beliefs, temples, churches, mosques, pilgrimage to holy places, sacrifices and charity, research, invention, discovery, long~ distance journeys, sea voyage, and air travel.

House 10: The tenth house represents name and fame, success and status, power and prestige, respect and reputation, ambition and authority, dignity and public esteem, worldly activities, and responsibilities,’Karamsthana ’employer, judge, superior, and government.

House 11: The eleventh house represents gains, social network, friend circle, community, admirers, advisers, well~ wishers, supporters, hopes, wishes, and aspirations, foreign collaborations, election, litigation, profits, net income, government policies, and planning companies, recovery from ill-health and victory over enemies.

House 12: The twelfth house represents losses, limitations, waste and extravagance, expenses, investments, donations, charity and associations with philanthropic institutions, separation from family, away from birthplace, fear, inferiority complex, solitude, secret, restrictions, greatest self sacrifice, conspiracy, exile and extradition, confinement in hospital, success through occult affairs, imprisonment, comfort of bed, life in foreign place, jails, asylums, and reformative institutions.