Can Humans Be Influenced by the Powerful Nine Planets?

In Astrology there are nine planets which play a significant role in our lives, they are as follows:

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mars
  4. Mercury
  5. Jupiter
  6. Venus
  7. Saturn
  8. Rahu
  9. Ketu

So basically in a Horoscope, there are Nine planets, Twelve Houses, Twelve Signs, and Twenty Seven Nakshatras. So it means that if you understand the basic features of all these important characters you can easily read your horoscope. So let’s understand what are these planets.


Sun is the Karaka for soul self-realization, influence , prestige , power , vitality , right eye, heart, heat, father, king , royal favour, politics, medical science, fame , gold, good result of deeds, patience in war, light, visiting hills, and forest, seniority level in job, statistics, Tablets, mantra Diksha, stomach, pain, fever, anxiety, problems in blood circulation etc.


Moon is the Karaka for mother, heart, understanding, inclination, Happiness, emotions, sleep, good name and fame, seashore, crown, medals, pearl, milk, water, cow, beauty, left eye, property, travel, royal favour, entertainment, liquid in body, Blood, mental issues like depression or aggression, uneasiness, sleep disorder, and anemia etc.


Mars is the Karaka for stamina, courage, power, and energy of body, brutal attack anger, scandal, diseases, enemies, opposition, controversies, weapons and commander of an army, war, accidents, injuries by burns or weapons, fire of kitchen, tools , thief , extramarital relationship false commitment unnecessary talks bad deeds, mechanic technician, engineer, quarrel, immovable properties, ,younger brother, leadership, police, doctors especially surgeon scientists etc.


Mercury is the Karaka for intelligence, discrimination, good communication skills education, learning, mathematics, accountant, logical analysis, astrology, writings and publishing, implementation of knowledge, journalism, teaching, dancing drama, poetry, anxiety, complexity of thoughts, skin diseases, bad voice and throat, bad dreams, deafness, problems in E.N.T., instability of thoughts etc.


Jupiter is the Karaka for wisdom, learning, knowledge, good habits, child, teachings, Vedas, respect stored money, good deeds, devotion to Gods, superior persons, elders, elder brother, husband, holy places, liver issues, fat, guide, consultant, trustee in temple, cashier, philosopher, etc.


Venus is the karaka for wife, marriage, sexual matters, genital organs, pleasure of senses, singing, fragrance, ornaments, jewellery, all articles of luxury, watery places, quality of property, vehicles, function and events, clothes seller, artist photographer, beautification, face, eyesight, hormonal system, eye disease , Diabetes, issues in Kidney, tiredness and lousiness etc.


Saturn is the karaka for longevity, death, adversity, fear, insult, disease, pain, poverty, sin, labor work, learning of foreign language and science, unhygienic, stability, inferior society, unrighteous conduct, profession, minerals, oils, things buried deep into earth, maidservants, services, theft, cruel deeds, lameness, very old person imprisonment, coal, property dealer, plumber, contractor, leather trader watchman, ice cream vendor, legs, large intestine, aggression, paralysis, madness insane, unexpected threats etc.


Rahu is the karaka for paternal grandfather, laziness, scattered things , unhygienic ,castle in air, to create fake view, dual personality, wireless, hidden money underworld, diplomacy, coded language, coded message, refusal , poison , radio aviation, telephone, electricity, travel planner, powerlessness, slow, ignorant ,,cheap talk,hiccups, foot ailment, theft, gambler, dacoit, smuggler, cheat ,foreigners, snake, snake bite, wickedness, widow, skin disease, itches, acute pain in body, swelling in body, etc.


Ketu is the karaka for maternal grandfather, spirituality, selfless service, restriction bondage, spiritual growth, blind faith, deity worship, charity, religious event unpredictable work, efficiency, knowledge of mantra, less talkative, philosophy, self knowledge, meditation, pain in eyes, pain from enemy, stomach ailment, injury from sharp object, bad speech, thorn, poisonous, allergy, dispassionate, wrong treatment, operation, deafness, worms in intestine, secret task, tough job, occult sciences, foreign languages, computer engineer etc.