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Rahu in 1st house gives a smoky mind.
Rahu in the 1st House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 1st House: Rahu is the Dragon’s head, and no lower body, so it is always looking ahead, only looking to progress towards the future So in this process, it detaches itself from the past and attaches to the...

September 19, 2020
Kapha Dosha – How to Keep it Balanced

What is Kapha Dosha Kapha dosha is the Ayurvedic mind-body type that is associated with earth and water It’s slow and steady in nature and embodies structure and stability in the mind and body Slow to anger and easy-going While...

September 17, 2020
Pitta Dosha – How to Keep it Balanced

What is Pitta Dosha Pitta dosha is the Ayurvedic mind-body type that is associated with fire and water It’s sharp and hot in nature and governs metabolism and all things heat-related in the mind and body Pitta is the dosha...

September 16, 2020
Vata Dosha – How to Keep it Balanced

What is Vata Dosha What is Vata Dosha The combination of Ether and Air form Vata The normal functions of Vata in the body are movement, respiration, and ingestion of food and water Vata dosha is the Ayurvedic mind-body type...

September 12, 2020
What is Ayurveda?

The name “Ayurveda” is derived from two words in Sanskrit, “ayuh” meaning “life” or “longevity” and “Veda” meaning “science” or “sacred knowledge” Ayurveda’s definition therefore roughly translates as “the science of longevity” or “the sacred knowledge of life...

September 12, 2020
Education In Vedic Astrology

Education in Vedic Astrology: The main goal of today’s generation is to attain such an education that can emerge in a successful career Consequently right from childhood, anxiety starts forming The majority of students are equipped to work laboriously, and...

September 1, 2020
How to find Diabetes: Vedic Astrology

How to find Diabetes in Vedic Astrology: Diabetes has become very common these days, even the younger generation is found suffering from this disease So I believe health should be given prime importance, and thinking that you are young and...

August 25, 2020
Job or business in astrology
Job in Astrology: Advanced Career Combinations

Job or Business in Astrology: Should I do my own business or take the job offer I want to be the Boss of my own company Or should I take the lucrative job offer Well, if this kind of query...

August 20, 2020
Heart Disease In Medical Astrology & Remedies

Heart Disease In Medical Astrology & Remedies: Today Heart Disease has become so common due to a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food intake, setting high targets and taking huge stress, insufficient sleep, no physical exercise, and many anxiety disorders What causes...

August 12, 2020
Astrological significators of mental illness
Astrological Significators of Mental Illness

In Vedic Astrology, note down the the twelve houses, Nine planets, 27 Nakshatras, and their position in a horoscope This clearly depicts the mental condition of a person Today I will explain some Astrological Significators of Mental Illness These cause...

August 6, 2020
Career Astrology: Profession from Horoscope

Career Astrology: A career is the most important aspect of our life Astrology is a predictive science and the combination of planets gives a lot of options in career selection I believe that if one gets guidance at the right...

July 27, 2020
Five Elements of Nature to Attract, Health, Money, and Success

The attributes of the five elements water, air, fire, earth, and space ( Jal, Vayu, Agni, Prithvi, and Aakash) have been considered as Tridosha ( Vata, pitta, and Kapha in Ayurveda and Triguna in Yoga) In Vastu, the concept of...

May 28, 2020
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