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The 1st House in Astrology

The 1st House in Astrology: The 1st House is also known as Ascendant or Lagna in Astrology The Lagna or first house is determined according to the degree of the sign that is rising at the exact time of birth,...

October 4, 2020
Rahu in 12th House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 12th House: Rahu represents illusion, our desires, and cravings It will create confusion and cloudiness in your mind Therefore it promotes the illusory world and separates you from the original source This is the main purpose of Rahu...

September 30, 2020
Rahu in 11th House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 11th House: Rahu represents confusion and delusion So where you have no clarity, there are chances of getting distracted with negative thoughts And once negative thoughts hover your mind, Rahu takes the lead in your life decisions Let’s...

September 29, 2020
Rahu in 10th House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 10th House: Rahu is an illusionary planet and also a significator of intellect It gives results as per its sign lord, Nakshatra, the conjunct planets, and the Karaka of house The strength can further be checked in divisional...

September 28, 2020
Rahu in 9th House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 9th House: The placement of Rahu shows that sphere of one’s life, where a lot of work is required and you will commit continuous mistakes The reason being, you are not an expert in this region Let’s understand...

September 27, 2020
Rahu in 8th house, can bring lot of struggle
Rahu in 8th House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 8th House: What happens when Rahu who does not have a physical body, takes the most painful position in the horoscope It might sound pessimistic but it will give sudden miseries and troubles, related to 8th house things...

September 26, 2020
Rahu in 7th house makes you ambitious
Rahu in 7th House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 7th House: Rahu represents attraction, illegal actions, and excessive materialism The significations of Rahu are pronounced according to its position in the chart Rahu is understood as a lawbreaker, so the criminal nature of Rahu manifests itself as...

September 25, 2020
Rahu in 6th house can make you face enemies
Rahu in 6th House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 6th House: Rahu shows a fake view and can soak one in illusions and imaginations, making one chase mirages or hallucinations Perhaps one can lose his self-identity in this confusion It completely clouds the potential for clear reasoning,...

September 24, 2020
Rahu in 5th House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 5th House: Rahu is the planet that takes you towards the future and it releases a person from decaying past through the continuous series of stormy events The truth is Rahu represents the ego of an individual and...

September 23, 2020
Rahu in 4th House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 4th House: Rahu is a discontent incarnate and is never pleased Then to attain that position of comfort it always executes the mind run upside down This craving of getting more and more, at times forces the individual...

September 22, 2020
Rahu and Social Network
Rahu in 3rd House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 3rd House: The placement of Rahu defines the area where new growth will take place in this birth It is that area where initially one will be reluctant to enter and might commit mistakes but at later stages,...

September 21, 2020
Rahu in 2nd House: Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 2nd House: The placement of Rahu represents the area, where the person will exhaust his energies, in this life incarnation Accordingly, a lot of desires, cravings, and obsessions will feed the mind A sense of ‘I know everything’...

September 19, 2020
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