Can I Get Government Job?

Hi Friends, today I will discuss the most important combinations to be checked when you want to see whether you will opt for a Government job or a private job. Actually, this is one of the most frequently asked questions in my experience. Now let’s first decode the term Government Job.

Every Country is run by the government for the proper management and welfare, so it can be any sector like public sector banks, police, insurance department, Municipal Corporation Department, Income tax department and then there are Authoritative jobs in the ministry. These jobs are limited and there are competitive exams to get selected.

So the lead we get is that the person should be qualified in his subject and then clear the competitive exams. Now let’s check the important astrological factors;

  • Govt. job gets paid by taxes. 4th house is the house of masses and countrymen. Now check the 2nd house to 4th house which is the 5th house. This is the assets or savings of the masses. So the 5th house is the house of public money.
  • 5th house and 5th lord should be very strong in a horoscope. It should make a relation with the 10th house or 10th lord. This combination will give High Rank in Govt. job.
  • Sun should be very well placed as Sun being the Karaka of Govt. can give high post and respectable jobs.
  • Check the Dasha period as this will set the pattern of life. If 5th lord, 10th lord or you get the Dasha of Sun or Moon, then it’s a positive sign.
  • Check the position of Jupiter, Mercury and Moon as this will tell the intelligence level which is important at the selection level.
  • Check the position of Saturn as this is the natural Karaka of the 10th house.
  • The position of the 6th house becomes very important if the job is related to Defence or Police. But it might give a lower profile.
  • Now check the position of 5th lord and 10th lord in D-9, if the planet is Combust or retrograde then it is weakened.
  • Check the position of the 4th house, 4th lord, and Moon in D-10. So if you find a good combination, then the chances of Govt. job becomes very high.
  • Now check these combinations in D-1, D-9, D-10, and then see Dasha, if there is a repetition of combinations in all the charts then the probability of getting Govt. job becomes very high.
  • Dasha related to the 5th house is most desirable at the time of joining service.[PAC] in D-1, D-9 should also be considered.
  • The strength of the 10th house and 10th lord will decide the high profile job.
  • Different departments like IAS, IRS, require different houses for success. if it’s IRS then you need to check the combination of 2nd house and 10th house, 2nd house and 6th house.
  • The power of natural 5th house Leo is also very important.

So, Friends, I have shared all the combinations which we need to check for a Government job, now let’s see how we use these combinations in a Horoscope;

D-1 chart

This is the horoscope of a person who holds a high profile in the Indian Ministry. So, first of all, check the relation of 5th house and 10th house. In this chart, the 10th lord is in 5th house with 11th lord Mercury and the position of Sun in 5th house is also very good. The position of Jupiter in Lagna and Mercury in the 5th house is very strong. When he joined the job his Jupiter Dasha, which is the 5th lord was going on, so again a strong combination. There is also a combination of 6th lord Mars and 4th lord Saturn in 2nd house, so this assures of High rank in Ministry.

D-9 Chart

Let’s recheck all the combinations in D-9 as well. First of all check the Lagna, this is the 5th lord of D-1, the position of Sun in Lagna is very positive as this is the 6th lord and Saturn in 6th house is also a good combination. The position of Lagna lord in Kendra and aspecting Lagna is a good sign

D-10 Chart

Now check the position of Moon in 4th house in the D-10 chart. The next important combination is Lagna lord and 5th lord that is Sun and Mars in the 6th house of services. Again 5th lord of D-1 is the Lagna here. The position of 10th lord in Kendra and aspecting Lagna is extremely good.

So this way I have shared the most important combinations for a Govt. job. If you have any queries related to this post please do let me know.

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