What Is Medical Astrology?

Hi folks, I want to share very important details on the topic of Medical Astrology. So as we know there are twelve signs, nine planets, twelve houses, and twenty-seven nakshatras in Astrology. There are five elements in our body like water, air, fire, earth, and space and they play a significant role in diagnosing diseases in our Horoscope. According to Ayurveda, there are Tri-Doshas in our body named Vatt, Pitt, and Kapha. The imbalance of these doshas causes disease in our bodies. When we see a chart for Health analysis, we need to have complete information about Diseases signified by all zodiac signs, houses, planets, and nakshatras, elements and Tri-doshas. So let’s start with Diseases signified by all Twelve Houses.

House 1: Head, brain, hair, appearance, skin, vitality, general well being and longevity.

House 2 : Face, right eye, teeth, tongue, oral cavity, nose, speech, and Throat.

House 3: Ears, [ right ear ], neck, shoulders, the upper part of the esophagus, collar bone, arms, hands, windpipe, and physical fitness.

House 4: Chest, lungs, heart, Breasts, and Diaphragm.

House 5: Stomach, liver, heart, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, Duodenum, mind, thinking, and pregnancy.

House 6: Small intestine, appendix, part of large intestine, kidney, Tuberculosis, wounds, injury, operations, tumors, eruptive disease, mental agony, madness, poison, and peptic ulcers.

House 7: Urinary tract, sexual organs, uterus, ovaries, testes, prostate glands, rectum, semen, and broad ligaments.

House 8 : External genital organs, chronic disease, anus, and perineum.

House 9: Hips, thighs, and femoral arteries.

House 10: Knee joints, knee cap, and the hollow behind the knee joint.

House 11: Left ear, calves, ankles, and lower legs.

House 12 : Feet, left eye, mental issues, disturbed sleep, and crippled limbs.

So now you know which house signifies what disease, try to memorize them as towards the end of this blog we should have complete information, about all signs planets and houses if we really wish to locate a disease accurately in our horoscope.

Diseases Signified By Planets:

The Sun

The Sun: The Sun has a Pitta temperament, its strength or weakness tells about the general health of a person. So if the Sun is weak in your chart, it can give diseases related to Heart, stomach, bones, right eye, headache, baldness, fevers, pains, burns, injury from falls, and bone disorders.

The Moon

The Moon: The Moon has Kapha temperament with an element of Vatta. its strength or weakness reflects the stability and soundness of the mind of a person. So if the Moon is weak, it can give diseases related to fluids in the body, psychiatric problems, mental issues, nervousness, emotional disturbances, and sleep disorders Also Diarrheas, anemia, skin problems, jaundice, and menstrual disorders and diseases of the female reproductive system.

The Mars

Mars:  Mars has a Pitta temperament. The condition of Mars in the chart tells about the vigor, vitality, and soundness of the health So if Mars is weak in your chart it can give disease related to Head, bone marrow, bile, mumps, and chicken pox. Mars signifies accidents, injuries, surgical operations, burns, a blood disorder, blood pressure, gall stones, inflammations, injury by weapons, diseases of the uterus, miscarriages, and abortions.

Mercury: Mercury has all the Tri-Doshas viz., Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. Mercury is concerned with the intelligence of a native. Its disposition in a chart indicates the capacity for discrimination and reasoning. It rules over skin, throat, nose, lungs, and forebrain. An adverse Mercury and a weak Moon can give mental problems. It also signifies nervous breakdown, mental complexes, abusive language, defective speech, vertigo, skin diseases, impotence, and diseases of nose and throat.

Jupiter: Jupiter is Kapha in temperament. If Jupiter is weak in the chart it gives diseases related to Liver, gall bladder, spleen, part of the pancreas, ear, fat in the body, and Diabetes.

Venus: Venus is Vatta and Kapha in its temperament. If Venus is weak in the chart it can lead to diseases related to face, eyesight, reproductive organs, urinary system. It is a watery planet and is concerned with the hormonal system of the body. Venus signifies sexual disorders, cataract, stones in the kidney and urinary bladder, laziness, typhoid, and appendicitis.

Saturn: Saturn is Vatta in its temperament. Saturn is the slowest moving planet, so the diseases caused by Saturn are chronic or incurable. Saturn rules over legs and feet, nerves, lymphatics, and the distal part of the colon and rectum. It also gives tumors, cancers, paralysis, disease, and injuries of legs and feet, mental disorders and Depression.

Rahu: Rahu signifies chronic boils, and ulcers, slowness of action, unfounded fears, hemorrhoids, chronic boils and ulcers, incurable ailments, poisoning, snake bite, and diseases in the feet. If Rahu is with Moon, it can give phobias. It acts like Saturn and since it is also slow moving, diseases caused by Rahu are chronic and incurable.

Ketu:Ketu leads to diseases with uncertain cause, epidemics, viral and infective diseases, intestinal parasites, deafness, defects of speech, as also diagnostic confusion. Ketu acts like Mars so it can give surgical interventions.

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