My Dreams of Love Marriage, will it come true?

Will I have a Love marriage? So this is the question every young guy or girl has in his mind so its quite natural that they approach astrologers for this query. There are certain planets in our horoscope which play a significant role in love affairs and then converting the love affair into marriage. So we need to check the following positions in a chart.

Important Signs:


Gemini: It is a dual sign, and the symbol of this zodiac sign is two-faced male and female. So Gemini people are considered to be very romantic and sexually active.

Scorpio: It is the eighth lord of the natural zodiac which signifies hidden relationship and the lord is Mars which tells about the physical relationship.

Libra: It is the 7th lord of the natural zodiac and the lord is Venus which is known for attraction, love affairs, beauty, fun, enjoyment, and partnership.

Significant houses:

  • Position of 5th lord
  • Position of 7th lord
  • Position of 8th lord
  • Position of 3rd lord
  • Position of 11th lord

Now let us understand the combinations that work to find out whether the love will convert to marriage or disappointment.

5th house is the most important house to check romance and love affairs, so we need to check if any planet is posited in 5th house, also 5th lord if [PAC] with 7th lord then there are good chances of love marriage.

7th house is a house of partnership, spouse, sex partner and any planet posited here plays a significant role in marriage. So if there is a relation between 5th lord and 7th lord, 3rd lord in 7th house, 11th lord in 7th house or Venus in 7th house. It’s a good sign of a love marriage.

8th house is a house of physical intimacy, sexual pleasures, hidden relations, insult, scandals, obstacles etc. So if 8th is connected with 5th house or 5th lord then there can be a hidden affair but if it has no connection with 7th house or 7th lord then the relationship might end in disappointment.

The 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires and gains in life, it is also called the Kaam Bhav. So if 5th lord,7th lord, is connected with the 11th house then there are good chances of success in love affairs.

Important Planets

  • MARS
  • RAHU
  • MOON

VENUS is the planet of love, romance, attraction, opposite sex, luxury, beauty, enjoyment. So if Venus is well placed in 5th house, 7th house and 11th house and no malefic [PAC] then there are good chances of love marriage.

MARS is the passion and fire within us and if planet Mars is related to Venus or Rahu it can give love affairs. It is the planet of courage as in relationship you have to be bold and courageous.

RAHU is the planet that does not follow the social rules and regulations, it believes in breaking all the rules .  It increases lust and desire and makes you obsessed with whatever comes your way. So if Rahu is connected with the 5th house it makes you unpredictable in love affairs if connected with the 7th house it gives relationship issues.

MERCURY is such a planet that it behaves and takes the feature of the planet it is posited, in planet hierarchy mercury is called Prince who believes in fun and enjoyment and if it connected with 5th house or 5th lord or Venus it can give multiple love affairs.

MOON is the planet which controls the mind and if the moon is weak it can give fears and insecurities related to love affairs and if well placed it can make you live life like a Queen, you can be a good decision maker, you have strong control over your emotions and so you don’t get carried away. Moon plays a significant role in making romantic and passionate so if it is connected with the 5th lord and 5th house it can give love marriage.

So friends please check your charts and find out about your relationships ending into marriage. If you have any questions related to relationships and compatibility, ,feel free to consult me.