Will I Have A Successful Marriage?

Will I get married? When is my marriage? How will be my partner? Will I have a love marriage or an arranged? Will my marriage be successful? Can I go for live- in relation? So the questions go on and on. Well, marriage is my favorite subject so I can answer all sort of queries that can come in today’s generation mind. I will tell simple techniques and all you guys can easily check your charts and get your secret answer.

Promise of your marriage

In order to check whether there is marriage promised or not in your horoscope just check the following positions:

  • The Position of Lagna lord
  • Position of Moon
  • The position of 7th lord
  • Position of Venus
  • Position of Jupiter
  • Planets in th 7th house


  1. If there is any malefic aspect in 7th house and 7th lord then the marriage is in trouble.
  2. If there is no Benefic aspect on 7 house and 7th lord then the marriage is in trouble
  3. If the 7th lord is posited in 6,8 12 house then the marriage is in trouble.
  4. If the 7th lord is posited with malefic or enemy planets like Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu then also the marriage is in trouble.
  5. If there is a malefic planet placed in 7th house then also the marriage is in trouble.
  6. If the 7 lord is in Sun, Rahu, Saturn, and Ketu nakshatra then marriage is in trouble.
  7. If the karaka Jupiter in female chart and Venus in the male chart has malefic PAC[position, aspect, conjunction] then marriage in trouble.

So please note down if all the above combinations are present then there is NO MARRIAGE in your horoscope. If there are 3 combinations present then there is Disturbed Relationship. If there are only 2 combinations then there is a DELAY in marriage.

Lets understand the above combinations with example chart:

Chart D-1
  • Check the 7th lord and its position, 7th lord is mercury and it is placed in the 11th house with Jupiter, which is Lagna lord and 10th lord so this is saving factor. But the other planets like mars is bringing conflicts and arguments in the relationship, Ketu is a separatist planet so it will bring detachment in the relationship. Saturn is a dry planet and since it signifies discipline, justice, rules, but also delay, disappointment, disagreement, so all these planets together are putting a lot of pressure on 7th lord mercury.
  • Venus in this chart being the lord of 3rd house and 8th house is in the 12th house of losses, and since Sun lord of 6th house is along, it has become very weak. But since Venus and Sun both have the lordship of Dukhsthanas and placed int the bad house so at the materialistic level there won” t be problems but at the emotional level there will be disputes
  • So overall these combinations clearly indicate a disturbed and challenging relationship.
Chart D-9
  • Now let’s confirm the strength of planets in the Navamsa chart.
  • lagna lord is Aquarius which is the 12th lord of D-1 chart, 12th house signifies sacrifice and losses. Rahu is posited in Lagna and Ketu in the 7th house this combination is disturbing the relationship.
  • 7th lord of D-1 mercury is posited in 4th house with the 6th lord of disputes.
  • lagna lord of D-1 is in 8th house and Lagna lord of D-9 is in the
  • 3rd house [8th from 8th] and is also debilitated.
  • The position of Mars in 5th house which is the 9th lord of D-1 and aspect of Jupiter on moon and mercury is the saving grace in this chart. So in spite of frictions and disputes the marriage is saved.

So this way we can analyze a horoscope with some simple combinations. Please try to check your charts and if you have any query, be free to ask through email or my consulting page.