10 Astrological Combinations To Point Out Disease

In Vedic astrology, it’s really important to know when and what disease will manifest a body. Today medical doctors can diagnose a disease but they cannot tell the timing of disease. So here an Astrologer can easily predict the timing and kind of disease a person will face in his lifetime.                       

Points to remember to check Disease in a chart

  1. The position of the Lagna and Lagna lord in a chart
  2. The Position of the  moon and sun
  3. Planets in the 6th house
  4. The position of 6th lord
  5. Check the Nakshatra of Lagna lord, moon sign, 6th lord, and 8th lord.
  6. If the position of any of the above planets has any connection with 6,8 and 12 house or Badhak or Marak house the native is destined to get a disease in his body
  7. Check the weakest planet in the chart and also the afflicted sign.
  8. Check the chart D-27 and see the weakest planet
  9. In order to pinpoint disease, it’s important to check the signs and planets both.
  10. All twelve signs and nine planets specify certain diseases. So if you have to catch the name of the disease, you need to check which disease is repeatedly indicated.

Let us try to understand the above combinations with the help of an example.Iwould like to tell one very important factor while checking disease in Horoscope that a person in his whole will not face one single disease so it actually depends a lot on Dasha and Transit.

Chart D-1
  • Check the Ascendant sign and the planets posited.
  • Cancer Lagna which is in Pushya {saturn] nakshatra, with Jupiter and moon, posited, Jupiter is again in Pushya nakshatra which is the 6th lord and Marak for this chart, moon in Ashlesha nakshatra which is Gandanta nakshatra.
  • Check the 6th house and the planets posited. 2nd lord sun is in 6th house with 5th lord Mars. Now 2nd house represents face and speech, Sun refers to brain-related issues and mars along, so Agni has caused dryness. This has resulted in dullness and lack of confidence.
  • We will also check Saturn in the 2nd house with Rahu which is making the chart very weak.
  • Venus is the Badhak of this chart and its position in 4th house is ruining the comfort, luxury, money, fun, and enjoyment in his life.
Chart D-9
  • Check Lagna which is the 2nd lord of D-1 but since Lagna lord is in 10th house and Jupiter s aspect so this is the saving factor.
  • Check the 6th lord Saturn exalted in 3rd house with 2nd and 11th lord mercury. It shows the nervous system problems.
  • The position of Mars in the 12th house is very weak.
Chart D -27
  • The weakest sign in this chart is Aries which is the 12th house of losses and Venus which is the Lagna lord and 6th lord, Rahu along, so this combination has confirmed the disease of the native.
  • So this native is suffering from brain~related disease, due to which he has no control on his body.