7 Astrological Steps To Find Favorable Career

Hey, friends so are you all confused which career to opt for? No worries. Astrology here can really help you and I will give such easy points to check in a Horoscope so that you can get a glimpse of your career. Today is the era where we have so much choice of career options that we just need to have little awareness of our interests and we are good to pursue.

In a horoscope, there are twelve houses, nine planets, twelve signs, and twenty-seven nakshatras. So the combination of all these give us the details. The analysis of Rashi, Planet, Bhav, and nakshatra has to be done. Here the question is regarding Career so we will see D-1 chart and 10th house but I would suggest always start the chart with Ascendant and its lord, Moon and its nakshatra, 10th house, Planets in the 10th house, 10th lord, so note down all the planets. Next, you need to see D-9 chart to check the strength of the planets and check the position and Rashi of 10thlord of D-1. Now we will open the D-10 chart and check the Lagna and its lord and 10th lord of D-1, this will tell about your Career. Let us understand all these combinations with the help of an example;

Just pick up the following combinations;

  1. Ascendant and its lord
  2. Moon sign and its nakshatra
  3. 10th house, planets in the 10th house, and 10th lord
  4. Navamsha lord and its position
  5. 10th lord of D-1 in navamsa chart
  6. Dasamsha [D-10] lord and its position
  7. 10th lord of D-1 in D-10 chart

Note down all the planets and its features, every planet signifies some profession, so narrow down to two planets and see the houses they signify.

D-1 chart

Check the following in D-1 chart;

  • The Lagna is Virgo and its lord is mercury
  • Moon is in Gemini and its lord is mercury
  • Moon is in the 10th house
  • 10th lord mercury is in Lagna
D-9 chart

Check the following in D-9 chart

  • The Lagna is Aquarius and its lord is in 11th house
  • 10th lord is in 11th house
  • 10th lord of D-1 mercury is in the 2nd house
D-10 chart

Check the following in D-10 chart

  • Lagna is Cancer which is the 2nd lord of D-1
  • 10th lord of D-1 mercury is in Lagna and its the lord of 3rd house and 12th house.

Now when we join all the points together, we gather that the planet Mercury plays a significant role in this chart and mercury is well placed in Lagna in D -1 and in D-9 mercury is in the 2nd house with Ketu. So the 2nd house is related to speech, support system, wealth, storage. Mercury is a planet of communication, logic, and understanding, and calculations. In D-10 Mercury is in Lagna with the lordship of 12th house and 3rd house. This gives the indication of the technical field and out of country prospects.

So the native at present is working abroad in a Bank and handling the marketing department.

Friends I have given 7 astrological steps to find a favorable career, so try to analyze your horoscopes and figure out what planets have to say regarding your career. As I feel if you follow the career actually destined for you, then you will definitely attain success in your life. For a detailed analysis of your chart, send your details in consulting page.