Is It Necessary To Match Horoscopes?

FRIENDS, if you are into a relationship and a curiosity to know whether you really have good relationship compatibility. Have you selected the right partner? Today you share a beautiful bond but what about tomorrow? So no worries! I will tell such an easy technique to check your horoscope that it will help you in making a decision in the initial stage only. So once you have checked through horoscopes the important combinations for relationship compatibility then you can proceed but before marriage, it is highly recommended  to get it matched through a professional astrologer and for that, you can go to consulting page

I would like to suggest you that please do not believe the software match~ making which is popular as Ashtkoot Milan, it gives the score out of 36. So out of 36 guns, If you are getting up to 20, you think all is good but this is UNTRUE. Ashtkoot Milan has a very small role to play in match~ making.


  • Check Lagna of your partner ‘s chart and then see your Lagna, the Lagna lords should be friendly to each other and also see you should not share the same Lagna. To understand what is friendly to your Lagna you need to know about Planetary Friendship. For example, if you are Taurus Lagna then Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra Gemini, Virgo all these will be friendly Lagnas. So check the Lagna lord, for example, the Taurus Lagna, Venus is the Lagna lord so check the friends of Venus.
  • Check MARS. this is the most important factor to check in a chart. What is MARS? MARS is a very passionate and energetic planet so the energy level of two people should match. So if MARS is in 1, 4, 7, 8, 12, houses it is considered to give MANGLIK DOSHA.So it is important that if one person is Manglik the other should also be Manglik, There are few exceptions in checking this Manglik Dosha which is as follows If MARS is in 1st house and in Cancer, Leo Sagittarius, Pisces, or these signs then NO MANGLIK DOSHA is present.  For 7th house; If MARS is in Capricorn, and Cancer, sign then also NO MANGLIK DOSHA. For 2 house if Mars is in Gemini, Virgo then NO MANGLIK DOSHA. For 12 house if Mars is in Taurus, Libra, Pisces. so here also NO MANGLIK DOSHA.{Check MARS position from Moon, Lagna, and Venus.
  • Check the position of Moon in both charts, it should make good relations. For example, a man ‘s Moon is in Lagna and a woman ‘s Moon is in the 4th house so this is called a 4/10 relationship which is good. All you have to do is count the number of houses. If for example, a man’s Moon is in Aries and the woman’s Moon is in Scorpio then it is 8 houses away so this is called a 6/8 relationship which will cause a disturbance in marriage. So the 5/9,4/10,3/11, these relationships are favorable but if it gives 6/8, 2/12, then the relationship is not favorable.
  • Check the position of Venus in both charts it should make good relation as this is the planet of Love and Romance.

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