Does Astrology really works?

.The Question of today ‘s generation is that is it really possible that in this era when man has reached heights in science and technology and a group of people claiming themselves to be Astrologers, they will decide what is good for them when will they get married and what profession should they choose and when is the favorable time for them. Seriously?

So lets understand what is Astrology?

Astrology is a divine science and it is purely a predictive science, it is also known as Jyotish which means Light which takes us to God.Now, what does that mean?

Now what is this Light?

Every person on this earth is definitely born with some purpose, and when he takes birth in a particular family, all the planets get ready to give him results. Now the purpose of these planets is to take you towards God or get you out of this vicious cycle of birth and death. So these planets collectively work to give all kind of joys and sorrows so that a person gets detached from worldly things and gets spiritual.