What is Vastu and What are it’s Benefits

Every human being on this earth wants to experience eternal joy. So to attain joy he makes continuous efforts but to the matter of fact, everyone does not get the results as per his efforts. So when you don’t get results, you feel either your luck is not favorable, or you need to change your job or Business.

So today I will tell you the secret behind success, growth, and abundance in your life. So let me start with the definition of Vastu in simple terms. Vastu is the energy of built-up space which affects the human mind and their lives. Your working space conveys some messages to your subconscious mind. Planets and constellations also have a huge impact on our minds.

The real purpose of Vastu is to study a building, if it’s suitable for a particular cause or not. If the use of the space is in harmony with the Vastu principles then you are able to attain joy which is the only desire you are living for. The main purpose of Vastu is to remove blockages from your mind as well as your building. The truth is that the buildings can be programmed for the manifestation of desires as these spaces affect our subconscious mind. In fact, your subconscious mind picks up information from your working space.

The space inside you is an extension of the space around you so your life is the product of your inner space. Every space be it in a building or outside it, has a specific purpose. So if we are feeling uncomfortable or things are not going in our favor, then definitely there is some imperfection in our space. Vastu can help us in removing imperfections in our living space.

How does Vastu work?

There is a working procedure, flow chart in Vastu, which starts with a complete focus on symptoms and desired results and not on evaluating buildings superficially and declare Vastu Dosha. So I follow the 4-step method of Mahavastu innovated by Shri Khushdeep Bansalji. This technique is so accurate that you can easily spot out the problem being faced by the occupant. Now let me explain what is this 4-step Mahavastu. First of all, you need a to-the-scale building plan. Then with the help of the compass, mark the degree of any single wall. Now keep the Vastu chakra on the map and mark 16 directions. Then check the Entrance, 16 Directions, 5 Elements, and Space Programming.

Benefits of Vastu

We can achieve the following benefits through Vastu:

  1. Opportunities in our lives to excel.
  2. Good Health
  3. The clarity in our Mind
  4. Joy and Happiness
  5. Improve social connections
  6. Control anger and anxiety
  7. Strengthen the relationship
  8. Gain confidence and improve skills
  9. Improve cash flow
  10. Gains in every sphere.