Best Astrological Technique to find out Education Status.

Hey friends, are you worried about your education? Do you have any confusion about what subject is good for you? Are you worried about your grades? Well, I have some simple combinations to check in a chart and you can easily know your education status. To check education in a Horoscope check the following houses;

  • 2nd house
  • 4th house
  • 5th house
  • 8th house
  • 9th house
  • 11th house

2nd house: This house tells us about education attained in childhood, the sanskaras, 1~5 years of age,it tells about family values.

4th house: This house tells us about classical education, this is the main house for education so its important for the 4th lord to be well placed for good education up to graduation level. Planets posited in 4th house also tells about the subject the person will have interest

5th house: This house tells about the intelligence of a person, This tells about the creativity and hobbies also It is the past life good deeds house, so if a malefic planet placed then there will be obstacles.

8th house: This is the house which tells about the research. It is related to deep ~rooted knowledge, which is hidden from everyone. also gives knowledge of occult, tantra etc. Today all the coding and computer programming can be seen from this house.

9th house: This is the house of higher education and teachers. So the postgraduation can be seen from this house.

11th house: This is the house of fulfillment of desires so the planets posited here play a significant role in getting success.

Important Planets

  • Jupiter
  • Mercury
  • Moon.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, knowledge, teachings, Vedas, and intelligence. This is the most important planet in a chart as it tells about the discriminative skills of a person. If it is well placed then Jupiter shows the right track of knowledge but if it is badly placed then the person is not able to take the right decisions in his life. If Jupiter has good combination or [PAC] with the education houses then the native will surely attain a good education.

Mercury: Mercury is the planet which tells about the mathematical skills and logical analysis of a person good communication skills, accountancy, journalism, studying, media and writing skills.

Moon: Moon is the natural karaka of the 4th house, it tells about the interests and mental stability of a person. It rules the mindset so if well placed and strong then it surely helps the person in taking good decisions and has strong will power.

Navamsha chart[ D-9]and Chaturvimshamsha chart [D-24]

  • The position of Mercury and Jupiter
  • 5th lord of D-1
  • 5th lord in D-9 and D-24.

Now lets understand all these with the help of a horoscope:

D-1 chart
  • 2nd lord Jupiter in the 4th house
  • 4th lord in 12 house with 5th lord
  • 5th lord and 9th lord in 12th house
D-9 chart
  • Vargottama Lagna with Jupiter posited
  • 2nd lord Jupiter is 12th from 2nd house and 3rd from 11th house
  • 5th lord mercury in the 3rd house
D-24 chart
  • agna lord moon and 9th lord Jupiter in the 4th house
  • mercury in 9th house with 4th lord 5th lord and 11th lord.

So here if we join all the points we will notice that the above horoscope has a very combination in all the three charts. The relation of 2nd house 4th, house, 5th house, and 9th house in positive houses clearly indicate that native will gain a good education in a technical field which is shown by Jupiter and mercury and involvement of 3rd house shows desire and hard work and 12th house show away from birthplace or in a foreign land.

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