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Do you have any queries related to your Business?

  • I have been working for the past few years, should I quit and start my own business?
  • When will my business start giving me profits?
  • What kind of Business is best suitable for me?
  • Should I change my Business? it’s going down day by day.
  • Should I take loans for my new Business?

Things to be expected from an Astrologer:

  • You should know that every Horoscope has certain Raj Yogas which can give him prosperity, so if these Raj Yogas are related to Business then only you should do your own Business.
  • What is a better option for you, a job or Business, here I can guide you?
  • Always remember the right decision at the right time can give the best results, so I can give you a timeline most favorable for gains.

How can I help with my Astrological Skills:

  • I have been practicing Astrology professionally for a good 10 years. I have studied Vedic Astrology, KP, and Lal Kitab. So with the help of my research and experience and considering the concept of Desh, Kaal, and Patra, I have built my own technique to check Business, Investments, Partnership, and Savings in a horoscope.
  • I first check the promise of your own business or job in a chart. Then I proceed towards the profits, gains, blocked money, and loans.
  • Secondly, I highlight the favorable time to get good gains from investments. And also tell about the loss or blocked money phase.
  • And lastly, I use the most effective tool of Vastu in this analysis, and remedies based on my client’s belief system.
  • I personally believe that good intentions, affirmations, and donations as per your horoscope can be really effective in tough times.