Frequently Asked Questions

Astrology Consultation

If you can’t pay for my consultations at the moment, you can send your life concerns to [email protected].

Please provide your full birth details along with a specific question you’d like to ask.

I’ll look into the urgency and your problem and respond via email as soon as possible.

Please note, this offer is only for Health and Relationship issues, therefore I won’t address career, finance, child, education, property or other similar questions.

Complete Horoscope Analysis Session

In complete horoscope analysis session, important aspects of your life concerns will be addressed. 

  • Problems
  • Ambitions

1. Current Timeline Status: You’ll receive insights into your current timeline status, shedding light on where you stand in your journey and the favorable and unfavorable dates will be shared.

1. Ongoing time line – past dasha and future dasha.
2. When things are Expected to change.
3. Transit planets influence on the event.

2. Guidance and Direction: Considering the ongoing timeline you will receive personalised guidance tailored to your unique situation.

How you can align with the ongoing period and make the best of it

3. Life Curses and Patterns: We will highlight past life curses  hindering your progress and help you identify recurring patterns that may be holding you back. 

Pending karmas that can cause obstacle will be highlighted to provide deeper understanding.

4. Tarot Card Spread: A tarot card spread will be laid out, specifically chosen to address your query, offering additional clarity and best suggestions.

5. Remedies and Solutions: Considering numerological insights, we will highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

Remedies using numerology will be provided to empower you on your journey.

If applicable, we’ll align names or company names to optimize energy flow.

I always aim to give the best guidance as per my knowledge and experience. So if you want to get noteworthy guidance then read this post till the end.


I offer long-distance Astrology and Vastu Consultations for those who stay out of country, or Delhi and NCR area.

I will work one-on-one with you via phone call. Once the booking is confirmed you’ll receive an email with confirmation and next steps..

Currently there are no zoom sessions or  video recordings offered.

 If you have any queries feel free to contact me here.


Prashna/Horary Chart is the most preferable technique, when either you don’t have the accurate birth time or there is a specific query. In this I use KP horary method, so you have share a number between 1-249. Any number that occurs to to you thinking of the life concern.

 The horary chart is basically the birth time of the question in mind. This chart can answer only one query. 

Choose standard horoscope – 20 minutes session

INR – 3200

Astrology is the study of the planetary positions at the time of a person’s birth. The position of 9 planets is believed to be the outcome of the past life karmas.

Read this blog for a better understanding on Horoscope reading.

Astrology is a divine science which enables us to see the future and this can be seen with the help of Horoscope. The horoscope depicts a picture of the results of the Karmas done by a person in his past births known as Sanchit Karmas which is also known as Bhagya

Bhagya is made up of the accumulated balance of our Karmas Phala available in the present birth out of the Sanchit Karmas So whenever a person does a Karma, he will have to face the fruit or consequences of his Karmas.


Your Destiny is fixed, but there is a freewill also. So fixed at what level and freewill at what points, At this point, I can guide. Always remember, all time periods are not good for all events, so in one particular time, what event can be fructified, here I can suggest.

So considering the above points, you can take decisions and invest your money, time, and energy.


Basic Astrology Queries

A Horoscope is an astrological chart, which is made considering the planetary position of the Date, time, and place of birth. The position of Navgrehas and their nakshatras gives a glimpse of an unknown future. Astrology is a Divine Science, and so the purpose is Divine as well. A Professional Astrologer is capable of reading the chart accurately and guide the client just like a GPS. Here the role of an Astrologer is to give complete details of the road, the ruling planet has taken, all the bad and good points that the planet has decided to deliver will be discussed.

Lagna is also called  Ascendant which is the rising sign of the eastern horizon of the sky. This is the first house of our horoscope and it is calculated on the basis of the time of birth. Lagna changes every two hours. It is very important to know the exact time in hours and minutes to get the correct Lagna  or Ascendant. On the basis of correct lagna, other divisional charts will be formed for further analysis.

When a horoscope is made, Lagna is formed at a particular time and this lagna changes after every two hours, similarly considering the lagna or D-1 chart, Navamsha chart or D-9 is formed.

This chart is made on the basis of Lagna degree. This method is based on a calculation, Every Sign consists of 30 degree and when it is divided in 9 parts or divisions, each Part or Division is known as Navamsa. So Don’t get confused into calculations as today there are so many soft-wares that easily calculate D-9 chart. Basically, Navamsha chart is really important to check along with the Lagna chart as this will tell about the inner strength of all planets, Like if a planet is debilitated or weak in D-1 but strong in D-9 chart then the result will be a good one. On the other hand, if a planet is very strong in D-1 but weak in D-9 then it will give problems in its Dasha period. So its really important to check all the yogas present in D-1, they should be making the same powerful yoga in D-9 also.

  • There are natural malefic planets which are the Saturn, mars, and Rahu and there are natural benefic planets which are Jupiter, Venus, mercury, moon, and Ketu. Then there are functional malefic and benefic planets which are decided according to the lagna. The way to find out the functional malefic and benefic is as follows;
  • Make a horoscope of any Lagna and check the lordship of the 6th house, 8th house, and 12th house. If the mooltrikon sign of any planet falls in these houses then that planet becomes malefic for the particular chart. So it means this planet will bring hardships and challenges in one’s life.

[PAC] is very important in analyzing horoscopes. The[ P ]stands for the position, this means the position of planets, as in which house the planet is posited. [ A]  stands for Aspect, in astrology all the planets are given certain aspects. All the planets are given the 7th aspect, which means they influence the house which is 7 houses away. Only the planets Saturn, Mars, Jupiter are given three aspects. Jupiter has 5th, 7th, and 9th, aspect. Mars has 4th, 7th, and 8th aspect. Saturn has 3rd, 7th, and 10th, aspect. [C] stands for conjunction which means two or more planets if together in a house that is called conjunction of planets.

A Horoscope is divided into Movable, Fixed, and Dual Signs. So if Lagna is a Movable sign like Aries 1, Cancer 4, Libra 7, Capricorn 10, then the 11th house is Badhak. If there is a Fixed sign like Taurus 2, Leo 5, Scorpio 8, Aquarius 11, then the ninth house is Badhak. If there is a  Dual sign like Gemini 3, Virgo 6, Sagittarius 9, Pisces 12, then the 7th house is Badhak for the Horoscope.

The purpose of Badhak in a chart is to bring obstacles and challenges in one’ s life and if Badhak is ill-placed then it can give diseases to the body.

Vastu Consultations

Schedule your appointment for Vastu Consultations here

Residential and Office Vastu Consultation Fees

  • The fees are based on your Life Concerns, property size, and your Life Goals.


Consultation with Report – INR 51,000 

Extra Fees for Home Visits – INR 5,000 

There will be no distinction in the on-site or virtual analysis; however, for on-site vastu consultations, a fee of INR 5,000 will apply.

Vastu Fees

Detailed Consultation with Report – INR 51,000 

Extra Fees for 2 Home Visits – INR 5,000

This rate applies to properties covering an area of approximately 100 square yards or 1000 square meters.

For any clarifications or adjustments, please feel free to reach out via email or WhatsApp at +91 9289329933.

The real purpose of Vastu is to study a building, if it’s suitable for a particular cause or not. If the use of the space is in harmony with the Vastu principles then you are able to attain joy which is the only desire you are living for. The main purpose of Vastu is to remove blockages from your mind as well as your building. 

The space inside you is an extension of the space around you so your life is the product of your inner space. Every space be it in a building or outside it, has a specific purpose. So if we are feeling uncomfortable or things are not going in our favor, then definitely there is some imperfection in our space. Vastu can help us in removing imperfections in our living space.