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27 nakshtras in astrology
The 27 Nakshatras in Astrology

27 Nakshatras in Astrology: In Vedic astrology, the 27 Nakshatras are lunar constellations that significantly interpret a person’s personality, behavior, and destiny Jyotish without nakshatras is incomplete as the human body is without eyes If Jyotish is the Eyes of...

April 23, 2024
What is the 5th House in Astrology: Past Life Blessings or Curse?

In astrology, each house represents different parts of our lives The 5th house is like a spotlight on creativity, happiness, and the rewards we reap from our past actions It’s all about the joyous moments, the specialties that make us...

March 19, 2024
12th house- moksha or liberation
The 12th House in Vedic Astrology

The 12th House in Vedic Astrology is known as the “Vyaya Bhav,” meaning the house of expenses, and also as the “Moksha Bhav,” indicating liberation It represents the culmination of our journey towards moksha, achieved after experiencing the journey of...

March 13, 2024
Is KP Astrology Accurate? Timing of New Job

Is KP Astrology Accurate Does it work I often hear these sorts of questions I initially delved into the vast and profound realm of Vedic astrology, appreciating its beauty in unraveling the secrets of the stars However, I needed a...

March 4, 2024
Ketu’s Impact on Career in KP Astrology

Ketu represents detachment and liberation, its position states a karmic baggage, a skill you have mastered in a past life, an ability that you have perfected over a series of incarnations In its connection with your profession, Ketu can bring...

December 11, 2023
What is Cusp Sub Lord in KP Astrology

What is Cusp Sub lord in KP Astrology – KP Astrology is the most accurate and indeed a unique and relatively modern approach to astrological predictions that differs from traditional astrology in several ways, but the concept of the sub-lord...

October 29, 2023
Rahu Mahadasha Explained: Its Influence and Significance

In Astrology, Rahu is often regarded as one of the shadow planets, along with Ketu Rahu Mahadasha is associated with mystery, illusion, and the unknown Rahu and Ketu do not possess physical bodies but are points in space that are...

October 25, 2023
saturn in astrology
Saturn Retrograde 2023 Effects

Saturn turned Retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aquarius on June 17, 2023, and this will be in direct motion on November 4, 2023 Are you feeling stuck at work or are you doing certain tasks again Well! that’s what this time...

July 16, 2023
ketu in 7th house
Jupiter in Taurus 2024: Transit Results in 12 Zodiac Signs

Jupiter in Taurus: On May 1, 2024, at around 1:50 pm IST Jupiter will transit in Taurus sign in Bharani nakshatra and this transit will last until May 13, 2025 Jupiter, known for its influence on expansion and development, is...

May 14, 2023
astrology secrets
Horoscope Reading – Can Astrology Tell the Future?

Horoscope Reading – When someone says that they do not believe in Astrology I often feel that they may not have thoroughly understood this complex and artful science Usually, this statement is made by individuals who have not taken the...

May 5, 2023
Meditation activates ketu
KP Astrology – Transit Planets – Timing of an Event

How to read Transit in Astrology – Astrology is so vast, that I strongly believe that it is difficult to learn this subject in one life span I remember that day when I first came across the phrase “Transit in...

April 8, 2023
Rahu and Ketu in KP Astrology

Rahu and Ketu – KP Astrology is the most accurate predictive tool of astrology Because it follows a method that says to predict any event, focus on the concerned cusp sub-lord, and then check the three levels According to which...

February 4, 2023
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